PomaradaAgriculture Certification

For an agriculture farmer to certify their production as organic they must be registered with the COPAE Holdings Register. The steps to follow are:

  • Present the following documentation in COPAE:
    1. Documentationon holdings
    2. Registration application form
    3. Registration application form for plots
    4. Plot records
    5. Survey of holdings to be registered
  • When the application has been completed, an expert from COPAE will arrange a date with the producerto perform the initial audit and will make a visit to the holding to check the details included on the application form.
  • Following the initial audit, the Certification Commission will determine the conditions of registration and conversion periods.
  • Once registered, the producer is obliged to keep an updatedrecords register which will be required during follow-up or inspection visits. The entire holding is obliged to keep registers of actions taken in the plots (fertiliser, phytonsanitary action, seeds, plants), register of harvesting and release of the product (harvested products and sold as organic).
  • Once the initial control phase has been completed, the COPAE experts will perform periodical follow-up visits that can be made with or without prior warning.

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